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Having a licensed and certified DSA consultant review your campus or government location is the first step in California access compliance and regulation. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.


Specializing in: DSA on-site, long inspections ADA compliance assessment (CASp certified) with clear plan for transitions. Our ADA/ DSA consultants are licensed and certified construction inspector who will understand the complexity of your project early and will counsel your team in advance of any challenges. We began as general contractors, later becoming licensed inspectors. We bring our wealth of construction knowledge into building safe schools, roadways, apartment complexes, and other commercial projects requiring regular on-site inspectors and or ADA compliance review. We have consulted for both renovation efforts and new construction projects ranging in value from $1M to $93M.


We run into ADA issues quite often these days whether we walk into buildings that do not enable ramps for the handicapped, or businesses that do not have wheelchair-friendly restroom stalls, or websites with color contrast issues and no alternate text on images. As a result, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was signed into law on July 26, 1990 by George W. Bush. It is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with all types of disabilities by employers. Technology forces us to think about accessibility in a broader context than even our physical environment. It’s not just whether a person requires a wheelchair. A person could be visually impaired or have a motor disability. A person could have slower internet or an older browser. With a graying population, some are not familiar with modern user interface (UI) pattern. Disabilities may include visual, auditory, physical, speech, mental and neurological disabilities. Adherence to web accessibility standards not only benefits the handicapped but all users. Website ADA compliance includes guidelines that take into consideration the needs of people with disabilities so they can navigate your site and get the information they need.


Accessibility and construction standards must be held at an all-time high in order to achieve an positive outcome. We review all publicly accessible properties for barriers to the disabled while simultaneously addressing and structural issues – specifically related to accessibility.

DSA is authorized by California statute to develop and propose building code regulations related to structural safety. DSA Structural Safety (DSA-SS) adopts and amends Title 24 Building regulations applicable to California’s K–12 public schools, Community Colleges and State Essential Services facilities. Refer to Sections 109.2 of Part 2, Title 24 for more information regarding the scope and application of DSA-SS adopted regulations. DSA proposes building code regulations in accordance with rulemaking processes administered by the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC).

DSA-SS’ updates or changes to California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 24 may occur on either an 18-month code adoption cycle, or on an emergency basis (emergency rulemaking). Approved updates or changes to CCR Title 24 may be published as the triennial edition of the California Building Standards Code (published every three years), intervening supplements (also published every three years on a mid-triennial cycle), an emergency supplement, or errata.

State agencies may propose emergency changes to building standards or regulations related to the implementation or enforcement of building standards. Building standards law allows for the emergency rulemaking process and requires submission of the proposed emergency building standards to CBSC for review and adoption.

DSA Accessibility is the combination of various elements in a building, facility, site, or area, or portion thereof which allows access, circulation and the full use of the building and facilities by persons with disabilities in compliance with this code.

Overview of bathroom fixtures, plumbing throughout the complex and more.

In order to promote safety, DSA collaborates with stakeholders, experts and public entities to develop regulations that govern the construction of structurally safe buildings in California. We propose changes to the California Building Standards Code (Title 24 Overview), as well as develop and publish interpretations of code and policies and procedures necessary for stakeholder understanding and coordination of enforcement among the DSA regional offices. The building code becomes law when it’s formally enacted by the appropriate authority.