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What Is Level AA Conformity?

Level AA conformity is the middle range of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0. This level of conformity indicates compliance with the lower level conformity, A.

Consequently, AAA compliance indicates compliance with both A and AA levels. The compliance guidelines help everyone to easily access the content on the web.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is developed to provide a single shared standard for the accessibility of web content that meets the requirement of individuals, organizations, and governments globally.

There exist two versions of WCAG, namely 2.0 and 2.1. Any content that conforms to WCAG 2.1 also conforms to version 2.0. This means having WCAG 2.1 does not require you to have version 2.0 too since all the resources in this version are present in version 2.1. WCAG 2.0 is an approved ISO standard.

Web content includes the information that is present in a website, a webpage or a web application. The information includes programs, codes or markups used to define structures, texts, images, sounds, and other natural information.

The web content accessibility guidelines are mainly meant for web content developers, web authoring tool developers, web accessibility evaluation developers and anyone who needs a standard web accessibility.

ADA Compliance

In America, Americans with Disabilities Act, or rather the ADA web compliance ensures the American online presence is accessible to people with disabilities. Websites that do not abhor to ADA compliance risk being sued. Additionally, it is very hard for people with disabilities to access such websites. The ADA compliance law applies to:

  • Americans with disabilities and their families, friends and their caregivers,
  • All state and local government agencies which include physical and digital access to all programs and services offered.
  • Private employers that have 15 or more employees.
  • Businesses that function for the benefit of the public.

Here is an exploration on how to abhor with the ADA compliance. These are just some of the examples. There exist numerous ways that one can comply with the guidelines.

i. Provide alternatives for time-based media.

When developing web content, it is recommended to have alternatives for video or audio media to allow people with impaired vision or hearing to access the same information.

ii. Changing colour and contrast.

When designing a website, there should be a clear separation between the background and foreground elements. The separation between contents improves absorption for the users. The contrast on the content should also be optimum. The font for the text should be readable. Additionally, the font size should be resizable for clarity.

iii. User controls

It should be possible for the user to control the media on the web. Therefore, when providing audio or video content that is longer than 3 seconds, the media should have controls such as the play, replay and pause to allow the user stop or replay the media to get a better understanding of the message being conveyed.

iv. Compatibility

The content should be compatible with assistive technology for easy access. Some of the assistive technology include magnifiers, text-to-speech, screen readers, speech recognition software, and alternative pointing devices. Compatible content is easily accessible to everyone regardless of their status.

With WCAG, people with disabilities have an equal share in accessing web content.

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