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What Is Level AAA Conformity?

AAA is the highest level of website content accessibility guidelines WCAG. This level incorporates level AA and level A. With level AAA, websites need to have completed levels A and AA success criteria.

Success criteria involve complying with the requirements and standards of WCAG 2.0. For a website to have conformed to the success criteria, all the content on the website should be in accordance with the requirements. In other words, the content should not violate the success criteria. Not sure if you meet ADA website compliance in 2018? Contact us today and find out.

There are five requirements to be met for the content to be termed as conforming to WCAG 2.0 as explained below.

Requirement 1

This requirement demands the web content have met the conformance for levels A, AA and AAA. Level A is the minimum level of conformance that requires the web page to satisfy the level A success criteria.

For level AA which is the middle level, the web content should satisfy level A and AA success criteria.

For the highest conformance level, AAA, the web page should meet the requirements for the success criteria of the 3 levels. This is the most strict level on the key elements of ADA compliance.

Requirement 2

This requirement is concerned about the web pages. It states that conformance is met only if all full pages agree with the conformance level without any part being excluded.

For instance, websites that have supplementary pages that contain more information about the content on the main page should have the supplementary pages abhorring with the success criteria.

Alternative pages should also conform to the conformance level for this requirement to be fulfilled.

Requirement 3

Conformance is possible only if all processes in a page conform to the success criteria.

This means, if a web page has processes such as procedures required to purchase a product on an online store, all the processes should conform to the success criteria of that level. This feature would block a website from being regarded as conforming if there are features of that website that do not conform.

Requirement 4

This requirement states that only the supported ways of accessibility of using technologies are considered when satisfying the success criteria. This means that the provided alternatives on the web page should be compatible with the supported ways of accessibility.

For example, when developing new content with new controls, the controls should be in such a way that they will be accessible to users with disabilities like the blind. If the provided alternatives are not compatible with the supported accessibility ways, then the website will not be regarded as conforming.

Requirement 5

When technologies used on a website do not support accessibility, then the information should be available using the technologies that are accessibility supported and the non-accessibility supported content does not appear.

This requirement ensures that the information on the webpage basically follows the other four requirements. This way, there is no content that will be available to people with disabilities at first but become inaccessible afterwards.

The requirements ensure the information provided on the website is ADA compliance and have is in line with the success criteria.

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