/ 3 Important Reasons For Your Website To Be ADA Compliant

3 Important Reasons For Your Website To Be ADA Compliant

In July 1990, George H. W. Bush enacted the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) into a law. It was the foundation of all legal obligations in government agencies and businesses regarding individuals who are struggling with disabilities.

This Act has been refined throughout the years by different amendments and modifications which have made the life of folks with disabilities who are living and working in the US much easier.

Initially, the ADA put emphasis on physical items permitting service dogs to get into the buildings and also offering wheelchair ramps. In recent times, the ADA fixed Internet issues while making digital information available to those folks who are struggling with physical, mental and sensory incapacities.

1. Enhance Your Target Audience

In case your site is not ADA compliant, it will be impossible for you to attract a huge number of prospective clients who cannot access your site because of their disabilities.

In fact, you’ll come across approximately 50 million individuals in the US who are facing physical and mental challenges at present. Even though many such individuals might find your products or services to be interesting, they will find it very difficult to navigate your site because of their disabilities.

Consequently, they will go to your competitors on the market.

For instance, if there are images on your site with no alternate text, individuals who are blind will have little idea of those images. Similarly, it is of prime importance to make your site accessible even without a mouse to enable folks with physical disabilities to use it.

2. Improve Your Reputation

Besides this above-mentioned reason, there is one more to make your website more accessible. Besides making your site more navigable, it will be feasible to make your clients understand how valuable you consider them to be for your business.

In fact, they might have gone to other sites which were not ADA compliant and were disappointed in the long run. This way, they will find your site to be a blessing for them.

Moreover, they might talk to their buddies and close relatives regarding how they came across your site thus making them aware that your site is ADA compliant. All the effort put by you for making this possible will help you stay in the competition.

Consequently, your website ADA compliance will help in enhancing the goodwill of your business in the long run.

3. Better usability of your website

A more navigable website will satisfy the WCAG regulations while benefiting all the users as well. In this way, everyone irrespective of whether they are disabled or not will be able to find out what they are searching for.

There is a high probability for your site to convert an increasing number of leads across the board in case you stick to these guidelines since the users will believe they will be able to access any content according to their requirements.


Individuals struggling with disabilities are humans and should be provided with the same privileges and rights as that of those with no such difficulties. At present, the Department of Justice has declared that website accessibility should be for everybody out there.

In fact, it might penalize you as much as $75,000 per incidence in case you do not have ADA website compliance.

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