/ Federal Requirements For Handicapped Bathrooms

Federal Requirements For Handicapped Bathrooms

Handicap bathroom requirements are clearly outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) that was passed by Congress in the year 1990. Per Title III of this act, public accommodations and other services that are operated via private entities must follow ADA bathroom requirements. Herein are contained the particular rules and regulations on the specific number and dimensions of the handicapped bathrooms that are required for a public business or building facility and the particular equipment that must be contained in such bathrooms.

Floor Space

If there is a bathroom in a facility, the floor space provided must be at least 30″ X 48″ of floor space in at least one of the bathrooms. The handicap accessible bathroom must accommodate at least 60″ in diameter allowing for the turning space for a wheelchair.


Toilets must be handicap accessible. There must be at least 60″ width for stalls to accommodate wheelchairs. Toilets should be approachable from the side or front. Horizontal bars must offer support from the back of the toilet and on the closest adjacent wall. The seat should be from 17 to 19″ above the floor.


The urinals may be stall style or wall hung. Should there be wall hung urinals, one of them is required to be at least 17″ above the floor. The flusher can’t be over 44″ off of the floor.


One of the sinks must be at least 17″ from the back walls. The clearance underneath of the sink must be at least 29″ to accommodate wheelchairs. The countertops can’t be over 34″ in height. Sinks must be within 2″ of the front ledge of the countertops.


One mirror is required to be mounted. The bottom edge of the mirror must be no higher than 40″ off of the ground.

Exposed Plumbing

Any exposed plumbing is required to be insulated and or configured in order to prevent contact. There may be no abrasive nor sharp surfaces or edges underneath the sink.

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Ada Bathroom Requirements


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